Around the Horn: Favorite Ballpark Food

Kasey At The Bat
First of all, I would like to take some credit for coming up with the name Around the Horn. So, even though this post is sponsored by my friend Kasey, I’d like to think that I am sponsoring a little bit by default. Send me royalties.
I totally meant to participate last week, but then I started a draft and went to Mexico, and missed the deadline. But that’s okay, because this week we get to talk about food.
But first, a little baseball background. I have had three great loves in my life, and the first is the Baltimore Orioles. I have been an Orioles fan as long as I can remember, and that means that, yes, I loved the team through fifteen years of finishing seasons under .500. Being an Orioles fan taught me unconditional love.
And so, like any Orioles fan, I have to tell you that the best food in Major League Baseball comes in the form of a crab pretzel and a Natty Boh from Pickles Pub, which is right across the street from the stadium. The picture above is me in Pickles during the first playoff series this year (where we swept the Tigers and their three Cy Young winners in three games).
A crab pretzel is a delicious Baltimore concoction that consists of a soft pretzel, covered in crab dip, topped with cheese and Old Bay, and then baked (side note: if you don’t like Old Bay, you are probably un-American). It is ooey-gooey crabby goodness, and it is worth all of the calories.
Natty Boh(emian) is a Baltimore beer, and Pickles only serves it in tall boys because of course they do. It’s pretty much like every other cheap beer, but the mascot (Mr. Boh) is iconic and bottles come with puzzles on the caps.
Luckily, we’ve found Boone’s Bar in Charleston where we can get our Natty Boh and crab fix (although it’s not Pickles), but I definitely prefer to be enjoying my Maryland food in Maryland while watching the Birds in person.

6 thoughts on “Around the Horn: Favorite Ballpark Food

  1. Kasey says:

    OH MY GOD I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. RIGHT NOW. CAN WE GO? LIKE TOMORROW? PLEASE? also can we try crazy food things when we go to the Riverdogs game in April?


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