An Open Letter to Yankees Fans


Dear Yankees fans,

After a long winter, Spring finally sprung in a big way. That’s right, the Orioles beat the Rays 6-2 on Opening Day. I know you’re still reeling from Derek Jeter retiring and trying to make peace with A. Rod, but we need to talk.

With the start of baseball season comes Twitter trash talk. I get it, and I love it. Except there’s something you need to hear: your line about having 27 rings is old.

I’ve been an Orioles fan since I can remember. I’ve liked the birds through 15 straight losing seasons, heartbreaking losses in the postseason, and even a few AL East championships.

The Orioles will always be my first true love. Losing makes my heart hurt and winning makes me visibly giddy. I love the Orioles because they’re the story of my childhood. Because being an O’s fan taught me what it means to unconditionally love something. Because if I had to articulate joy as an emotion, I’d explain that it’s the feeling I had when the Orioles clinched the AL East in 2014, and the one I experienced as they packed 10 runs on the board against the Detroit Tigers in in Game 1 of the ALDS last year.

So, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that I don’t care that the Yankees have won 27 rings. That I don’t measure the value of my team solely by the number of World Series we’ve won. You’ve had 27 rings for six years – it isn’t even news anymore. Besides, your owners spend $100 million dollars more than mine do… if you’re not winning rings, you might want to take that up with them.

This isn’t to diminish your fandom – you may love the Yankees the way I love the Orioles. Steering clear of talking about the number of World Series you’ve won is actually the way to make me respect you as a fan even more.

Because here’s the thing: if winning World Series was something that was immensely important to me, I would already be a Yankees fan. If I cared only about supporting a team that wins all the time, I would have done the research and chosen the Yankees on my own (and probably Alabama football, the New England Patriots, and Duke basketball).

So stop telling people what they already know. It makes you sound like a broken record (and kind of mean, to be honest). Instead, tell me why you love your team. Tell me about your childhood memories, the wins you’ve seen, the moments that made you love baseball.

When all you do is talk to me about past wins, you’re missing the opportunity to tell me about all of the things that are unquantifiable. You’re missing the opportunity to share Yankees Magic. You’d probably have more luck converting new fans than you’re having now. Or, at the very least, making other fans dislike you a little less.

Let’s face it, if you truly love the game, we are more alike than we are different. The Babe is a Baltimorean, after all.

With love,

Jen, an Orioles fan

UPDATE: Check out a response from a Yankees fan here!

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Yankees Fans

  1. Kasey says:

    I feel like it’s harder to loyally love a team that doesn’t win all the time. that’s how you find out who genuinely loves the team + the sport.

    also, thanks for Markakis. ❤


  2. Marco Romanell says:

    Good stuff.

    I wrote a very similar article to this 2 years ago for except I threw the Red Sox in the mix as well. Good to see things haven’t changed lol. I wonder if they take all 27 World Series trophies onto the field with them to scare opponents. They have only won one since 2000 I believe. I can’t wait for them to finish in the cellar of the AL East!

    Ballgame over, the Yankees lose, theeeeeeeee YANKEES LOSE!

    Go O’s!


      • Jen says:

        2009 was 6 seasons ago 🙂 I can assure you that I know and love baseball… I just want to hear about why yankees fans love the Yankees outside of the Workd Series wins! I actually got a great response from a Yankees fan. Go baseball!!


      • Joe Serio says:

        Shows that you don’t know how to read! “They have only won one since 2000 I believe. I can’t wait for them to finish in the cellar of the AL East!”. Which part of “only won one ” do you not understand? How does your foot taste?


  3. lee mcdade says:

    Jen great letter you show a lot of passion for the home team. Go O’s. But always remember to stop by sliders bar and grill lol


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