Let’s talk about the tatas

Work out clothing can be expensive (although, PSA, Old Navy is having a MASSIVE activewear sale, and you should check it out now. $12 leggings, people. This is not a drill). And, if you’re like me, you like your activewear to be fun and functional. Unfortunately, sometimes the pieces I love don’t come cheap.

There is, however, one piece of workout clothing that I don’t feel bad about spending the big bucks on: the sports bra.

Yes, I am one of those people who spends $50+ a pop on a sports bra. And, today, I’m hoping to convince you that you should be one of those people, too.

While Target and Old Navy are great go-to places for tank tops, shorts, and leggings (because hello fun patterns at a sweet price), you should be purchasing your sports bras from athletic brands, like lululemon, Under Armour, or Nike. Here’s why:

For the well-endowed, a better fit. If you’ve been blessed with larger than normal girls, you need extra support. You might already know this, and maybe you’re wearing multiple sports bras when you workout. Higher end activewear companies actually design sports bras that are meant for you, like lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer II.

In the long run, you save money. A crappy sports bra wears out a lot faster than a nice one. It’s suggested that you only keep a sports bra for six months, but the elasticity/support in better made bras may last you for years. Meaning, long run, you’d have to go through at least four cheaper sports bras over the time you’d be able to keep your nice one.

Comfort. In both fabric and construction. Bras made out of sweat-wicking material keep you dry during long runs, intense lifting sessions, or spin class. This makes for a way less soggy sweat session. I also have yet to find a seamless or flat seamed sports bra from anywhere other than an athletic store. For long distance running, seams can lead to serious chafe.

mod move crops stuff your bra

The greatest sports bra ever invented is lululemon’s Run: Stuff Your Bra, which only comes out once a year. It is so awesome because it provides maximum support for runners, flat seams, a breathable back, and, as an added bonus, pockets for snacks, keys, and cards. Mostly snacks.

Although It’s not out now, there’s a new company, Swoob, which offers only sports bras with pockets. I haven’t tested one out yet, but it’s on my fitness wish list!

Exercise shouldn’t make your chest hurt — spending a few extra bucks on a sports bra prevents that from happening.

What are some of your favorite sports bras?

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