Things I Love Tuesday (Cinco de Mayo edition!)


In honor of Cinco de Mayo (or, the day where margaritas have no calories), I’ve got this Cinco de Tunesday playlist cued up for you. There’s lots of Latino artists represented (Hello, J.Lo, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Gloria Estefan, and even Selena), plus some great sunny weather jams, including Britney and Iggy’s new collaboration, Pretty Girls.

Here’s a few things I’m loving (even more than Pretty Girls!):

Poshmark. This past weekend, I pocketed an extra $200 by selling clothes that are in great condition but that I’m no longer wearing. Poshmark is a mobile app that allows you to upload items to your closet and then share them with friends and shoppers all over the country. It’s easy to use, and you can get started making some extra cash (or getting great deals!) today. Shop my closet here, and use the code HZJVR when you sign up to get $5 credit added to your account!

Listening to Supreme Court oral arguments online. Little known fact about me: for ten years, I wanted to be a lawyer. A constitutional law class in college taught me that I would totally hate law school, but I still dig crime shows, mysteries, and, as it turns out, listening to oral arguments from the Supreme Court. Ya’ll. The justices are mad smart, they interrupt each other, and they use some fun hypothetical logic to get their points across. It may even be better than Serial. You can listen here.

Undisclosed. Speaking of Serial, there’s a new podcast about Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee’s death. It’s called Undisclosed, and while it’s not as cliffhanger-y as Serial, it dives in depth into the case. If you’re now addicted to the story, like me, you’ll love this new podcast from Rabia Chaudry (a family friend of Adnan), Susan Simpson (check out The View from LL2, too), and Colin Miller.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. Ya’ll. My DG challenge group is killing. it. Like, losing 7lbs in ten days killing it. You can read about my AdvoCare experience here, and then, reach out if you want to get started, too! We have a group challenge kicking off on Monday, and I would love to get you moving towards better health. Ready to order? Build your bundle here, and then shoot me an email at


Sports Jeopardy! Once upon a time, I lost everything on the final question on Kid’s Jeopardy! What’s worse than crying on national TV? The fact that once you’ve appeared on the show, you have to be invited back in order to go back on. Even if you appeared at age 11. Good news, though! There’s now a Sports Jeopardy! show that you can audition to be on, and since Alex Trebek isn’t the host, I’m eligible too! The online test is May 19th, and yes, I am signed up. You can sign up here.

And, what would Cinco de Mayo be without a margarita recipe? Check out this one from my friend Kasey and get your celebration started.

4 thoughts on “Things I Love Tuesday (Cinco de Mayo edition!)

  1. Kati Rose says:

    That’s so neat that you were on Kids Jeopardy! I’m fascinated by the fact that once you’ve been on it you have to be asked back. Good luck on sports jeopardy! I hope they make a pop culture one someday, now that I would properly ROCK.


    • Jen says:

      Taking the test tonight!! I’m more excited than anything else. At the very least, it should be fun, and at the most, I’ll get on and win some moolah. I would DEFINITELY watch pop culture jeopardy. All day every day.


  2. Veggies and Meows says:

    THANK YOU for posting about PoshMark!!! I totally thought it would be like the other similar sites I’ve seen: not worth it, making just a few bucks or nothing at all. I posted a few things today and had offers within minutes. Seriously amazed. This is perfect for my stint of unemployment. My boyfriend thanks you, too! Haha.


    • Jen says:

      Yesss!! I’m so glad you’ve had success on it. It’s a win-win: you make actual money, plus you get rid of some of the clutter. I tried to find you but can’t! What’s your username?


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