Things I love Tuesday


Ya’ll. Life has been hap. pen. ing. There are major updates I’m excited to share (probably at some point this week), but right now, I just tell you this so that you know that I am a-ok, and my week-long blog hiatus came out of the need to prioritize real life over blogland. It happens. It’ll probably happen again. I just figure no content is better than crappy, forced content.

But you’re not here for excuses, you’re here for the best post of the week! Let’s kick it off with the best Tunesday I’ve ever put together (I am listening to it as we speak and it is so good.). Listen here now.


Rent the Runway. A week and a half ago, we were in Ocean City, MD for an alumni event for Paul’s fraternity. It was a formal event, which, hello, I love formal events. I ended up renting this gorgeous long skirt (with pockets!), which I paired with a borrowed not-so-cropped top. I rarely buy dresses for weddings, formals, etc anymore because I can rent an amazing dress for less. It’s just not worth it budget-wise to buy a dress I’m only going to wear once. RTR has awesome customer service, sends you two sizes, and will overnight you a replacement if the dress you order just doesn’t work out. Interested? Join here and get $25 off your first rental (plus a $20 credit when you place your first order!).

Bullet journal. Yes, Bullet journal, I am a list-maker, note-taker, AND post-it note pilot. Shout out to Kasey who turned me on to the bullet journal, which is a way of organizing your tasks, thoughts, and events into one notebook. It’s perfect for me because I’m always jotting down notes, and the bullet journal setup helps me to better organize what I’m doing. You just need a small notebook and a pen, and you’ll be well on your way to being on top of yo’ game. Want to learn more? Head here.

Being a sometimes vegan. I’m working on a post for later this week about why everyone should eat vegan sometimes (spoiler alert: plants are good for you). Over the last several days, I’ve been eating mostly vegan (read: no dairy (which, I’m lactose intolerant, so this is nothing new), no eggs, no meat). I’ve been stressed recently, and I’ve had a bout of stress-fueled binge eating candy at work. I switched to a primarily carb based diet to try and avoid those sugar cravings. Guess what? It’s working. My body loves that I’m eating more whole grains, fruit, potatoes, and veggies, and I’m squashing my sugar cravings. Want to learn more about veganism before my post? Meet my friend Rachel.

Busting my debt and staying financially sound. Kasey and I are launching a 24 Day Challenge party later this week (be on the lookout on her blog!), which is awesome because one of the best things about being an AdvoCare distributor is that I get to help people feel their best. But, I’m learning that the very best part about AdvoCare is that it supports financial health, too. If you’re like most people our age, you’ve got student loan debt, car payments, or credit cards to pay off. This past weekend, I received my Debtbuster system from AdvoCare, which is a learning and planning tool to help get you (me!) ahead of debt and financially sound. Interested in learning more or want a Debtbuster system for yourself? Shoot me an email!

8 thoughts on “Things I love Tuesday

  1. Kati Rose says:

    I am in love with Rent the Runway and SO happy I have plenty of opportunities to get stuff from them this summer with all my upcoming weddings. It’s such a fun thing to have designer dresses and get to switch them out.


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