Your protein shake is not a milkshake (and that’s okay)

The people who tell you that their protein cookies taste just as good as a Mrs. Fields’ are liars.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, you’re never going to find a healthy equivalent to Sour Patch Kids or a really delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookie. And that’s okay, because these are treats that, when you get a craving, you should definitely enjoy in moderation.

But if you’re like me, you’re the kind of person who needs a sweet fix on the daily. Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth with a Snickers bar, finding a healthy sweet snack you like may help prevent a rough sugar crash. Plus, if you try any of the healthy desserts I’ve listed below, you’ll get the added benefits of nutrients, too.

Healthy banana split

Enter: the deconstructed banana split. In my (expert) opinion, it is the most delicious healthy dessert out there. If you wanted, you could even eat it for breakfast (although, I’d add some cereal, yogurt, or egg whites on the side). Slice a banana, top with sugar free chocolate syrup, sprinkle on some chopped walnuts, and add a dollop of whipped cream.

Other favorites of mine include:

  • Strawberries or pineapple with melted dark chocolate
  • This delicious (and nutrition-packed) vegan chocolate milkshake
  • A chocolate chip larabar microwaved for 10-15 seconds — it gets all melty and delicious!
  • A whole wheat waffle toasted and topped with dark chocolate chips and hazelnuts
  • Graham crackers spread with pumpkin, sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate chips (basically no-bake, totally delicious pumpkin pie)
  • Um, Kim Hoeltje cookies. Seriously, check out these easy to make, actually good for you, cookies.

Like I said, if I told you I got the same joy out of eating these things as I do a cookie, I would be lying. However, I also feel much less weighed down when choosing a healthier dessert than a heavier one. That said, if you want the cake, eat the cake — as important as it is to be healthy, moderation and enjoying food is a huge part of healthy living, too.

What’s your go-to healthy dessert? PS! Don’t forget to order your challenge today — we want YOU in on the #allstarslimdown!

2 thoughts on “Your protein shake is not a milkshake (and that’s okay)

  1. taratested says:

    Two go-to desserts I love are popcorn drizzled with melted peanut butter (even better if it’s chocolate peanut butter!) and a graham cracker topped with honey nut cream cheese and sliced strawberries! Sweet tooth: managed.


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