Things I love Tuesday: running edition


Tomorrow is National Running Day! I’m so excited for the post I have in store for you tomorrow, but who says it has to just be one day? Not me, that’s for sure! In honor of NRD, I give you my running love list:

Tunesday. Instead of making my own playlist, I’m hoping you’ll check out Nike+ Run Club on Spotify. They have several different playlists depending on what your running goals are, and they are so on point. They’re updated weekly, meaning you’ll always have some fresh tuneage. And, they’re not just for running! I’m jamming out to Ready Set Go Run at work.

Race finder. Running races is my favorite way to get in the mileage, and signing up for a 5k (or a half marathon!) is a great way to kick your motivation into high gear. The running community is like no other, and you’ll find that starting a weekend morning being surrounded by people wanting to be the healthiest version of themselves is downright inspiring. My favorite online race finder is Running in the USA because it allows you to find races based on state, distance, or type, and it provides you links to be able to register.


Garmin Forerunner 220. I get that people love their Fit Bit, but if you’re looking for a functional watch that monitors your time, distance, pace, and heart rate, the Garmin Forerunner 220 is going to be your new BFF. It’s probably not surprising, but Garmin’s watches have superior GPS technology, and they last a freaking long time, which means you can put your iPhone in airplane mode so that your tunes don’t run out during a long race. Plus, it’s got a fun design that easily transitions for everyday errand running wear.

111862_spr15lcyLIGHT ASPHALT HEATHER_1

My favorite running crops. You already know that lululemon has my heart when it comes to sports bras, so you might be surprised to learn that my very favorite running crops are from Lucy! I love running in crops because they offer compression while limiting the dreaded chafe (I have never had a thigh gap and I am totally cool with that), and the Endurance Run Capri is the gold standard. It’s the perfect compression complete with a back zip pocket (for snacks, duh), and two side pockets large enough to store your phone. I love them so much, I own three! Pro tip: wash your workout clothes in cold water, separate from cottons, and air dry or tumble dry low-medium to maintain the fabric and discourage pilling. And no fabric softener, ever!

Bonus! National Running Day is a great day to start your very own #projectThreeMile! Learn more (and download your calendar) here.

Double bonus! Don’t forget to order your challenge today! We’d love to have you join our #allstarslimdown party!

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