Lazy ways to make a little extra cash

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Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to get out of debt. Or maybe you’ve just got your eye on a sweet new pair of running shoes (like me!). Either way, creating additional income to get you closer to your financial goals has never been easier.

When I first started looking for ways to make a little extra money on the side, every list I found online was mostly comprised of (legitimate) part time jobs, like “be a barista!” or spammy survey companies where most 10-15 minute surveys made me less than a buck while adding me to what seemed like a million listservs.

If you’re like me, you might not have 20 extra hours a week and/or would prefer to keep your mailbox spam-free. So, here’s a few of my favorite ways to make a little extra cash with truly minimal effort — seriously.

Ibotta. Ibotta is my new favorite way to make some money on the side. It’s an app that you download on your phone that gives you cash back for groceries you’re already buying. It’s super simple, rebates are approved often within hours of submittal, and – the best part of all – you receive ZERO spam email. Zilch. Nada. You can cash out when you hit as little as $20, and can opt to receive your money via e-transfer or giftcard. Use this link and have a $10 bonus deposited into your account when you verify your first rebate.

Poshmark. I love using Poshmark to sell clothes, shoes, and accessories that I’ve gotten tired of but are still in great condition. When I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Poshmark was my go-to place to sell items that no longer brought me joy. Once you sell an item, Poshmark sends you a shipping label, you package it, and then send it to the buyer. Once the buyer confirms they’ve received what they ordered, the cash is released into your account. Keys to being successful on this platform are being engaged with potential buyers, pricing your item appropriately, and finding/following/friending other users with similar tastes. Sign up here and use the code HZJVR to get $10 deposited into your account.

ThredUp. I use ThredUp to sell/donate all clothes that don’t sell on Poshmark. Once I’ve tried selling a few items for a couple months, I’ll order a clean out bag through ThredUp and send them any items that have yet to sell but that I’m ready to part with. Although the payout isn’t as high as Poshmark, I generally make $30 or more each time I send them a bag. Bonus: any clothing they don’t accept is donated to charity, so I can feel good knowing that ALL of my clothes are going to great new homes. You can sign up using this link and get $20 deposited into your account to spend on new digs.

Digit. Okay, so this one doesn’t exactly make you money, but it does help you start saving (and bonus! It will pay you $5 for each friend you refer). Digit will connect to your bank account and, using some fancy algorithms, will withdraw money from your checking account and put it into a savings account without you even missing it. Bonus: you’re guaranteed not to overdraw. You can sign up for Digit using this link.

Ebates. I love Ebates because it rewards me for doing something I already do: Online shopping. Ebates partners with a variety of different stores to offer anywhere from 1% to 10% cash pack for purchases you make. Even better – they’re not just bizarre no name stores you’ve never heard of. You can get cash back from stores ranging from Nordstrom to Amazon to Walmart. Use this link to sign up and receive $10 that you can cash out!

What are your favorite ways to make a little extra side income?


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