Things I Love Tuesday (Thursday Edition)

You guys, teaching has totally thrown off my blog writing flow. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE it, and it is absolutely the right career path for me. But teaching is a full time job and then some, and I’m taking my time getting my bearings and figuring it out, and so my blogging has taken a back seat. Not to worry – I plan on getting back on track this weekend – but that’s why this week’s TILT is getting posted today.

Earlier this month, I was approached about trying out a website called ePantry as part of their VIP Influencer program. I, of course, said yes, and proceeded to their website to build my very first shipment.image1

The Skinny: is a simple and affordable way to have a variety of household cleaning and personal care products — you know, the ones you’d have in your pantry — shipped directly to you. Their mission is to make the best household products the easiest to get. Translation: by using their service, you’ll feel good about your purchases and your wallet will love you, too.

How it Works: You build either a one-time or recurring shipment of products that you’ll love. Most of the products they carry are marked down over 25% of retail! Even if you order a one-time shipment, your ePantry account will keep track of when you order and notify you when it might be time to order more — this means that you’ll never run out of products again. Once your cart is ready to go, you order and they’ll ship your products directly to your door.


What I loved: I loved pretty much everything about my ePantry experience. Their website is easy to navigate, the variety of products is awesome, and the items they suggested for me to try are now some of my favorites (like this candle). I loved how well my package was packed, and that they individually taped every bottle shut to ensure I didn’t receive a sticky, soapy mess.


Why the VIP experience is extra awesome: As part of the Influencer program, I received my VIP membership complimentary, but I would definitely pay for it. VIP members receive free shipping (which is a big deal when you’re shipping heavy things like detergent) and five full size free gifts each year. Bonus, it’s only $39.99 each year. This means it pays for itself in free gifts alone. You can sign up for the VIP program here.

Want to try? ePantry has generously offered my readers $10 off their first purchase. You just need to click the link here

If you’re a blogger or social media superstar who wants to share ePantry with your followers, shoot me an email and I can connect you!


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