Two easy ways to better Adult today

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Wednesday. Humpday. The best day to kick off a brand new, very adult habit. Lucky for you, I’m sharing two super easy ways to better adult today.

Build yourself a budget.

When I was growing up, my dad had me reconcile my bank account – on paper! – each month. We compared my checkbook ledger to my bank statement to make sure that it lined up, all the way down to the very last cent. Clearly, my dad’s an accountant, and while he did an awesome job teaching me some financial skills, they just somehow lost their relevance during my college years and the transition to completely online banking.

The very best adult change I have made in my life this year has been getting really serious about building and maintaining a budget each month. I started listening to Dave Ramsey in January, and it turns out, he was right – when you actually write down how much you’re taking in and tell every dollar where to go, it feels like you’ve gotten a raise. Even as a teacher, it is incredible to me how much “disposable” income I have, which means that as Paul and I plan for our upcoming wedding, I start each month knowing that I can put away close to $1000 by month’s end. Seriously!

Whether you’re trying to pay off student loan or credit card debt, save for a fun trip or a down payment on a house, or figuring out if you can afford to buy those shoes you’ve been lusting over, budgeting is crucial to your financial success. I use EveryDollar, which I love because it has both a website and an app that are totally free, making it easy – and budget-friendly- to meet all of your financial goals.

Dinner like an adult.

Confession: I am 27, and closer to 30 every day, and although social media would have you believe that I’ve got this mostly figured out, learning to adult is a constant work in progress. Most of the time, I try to make healthy dinners. Lots of days we eat tacos or breakfast-for-dinner because I don’t feel like cooking. And then some days I eat lunch meat straight from the package and call it responsible because high protein. Occasionally, I have popsicles for dinner.

Dinner. The true test of adulthood.

One thing that’s been very helpful for Paul and I in making sure we’re eating well at least three nights a week has been our subscription to Hello Fresh. We love Hello Fresh because their meals are easy, quick, and healthy. We love that we get to choose our menu weekly from a selection of fun new dishes, and that all of the ingredients we need are boxed up and ready to cook.

In my opinion, what sets Hello Fresh apart from other meal order services is that it really is so easy. There hasn’t been a single meal that we couldn’t prepare, and there have been many, many recipes that we have made again on our own time. I love that we can have a few date night style dinners a week, with the added bonus of getting to cook together, while still eating food that makes us feel great.

Get $40 off your first week by using this link and my referral code: GCHAFP.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for part II, where I’ll share my favorite way to better adult: by learning something new each day.


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