Learn something new every day

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I am a huge fan of turning my car into a virtual classroom, and I regularly listen to podcasts or audiobooks on my commute rather than music. I find that it makes traffic a little bit more bearable, and helps me to never stop learning.

If you’ve never taken advantage of an Audible free trial, it’s a great place to start. You’ll get your first audiobook free, and can cancel after the 30 days if you’re not digging it. Your local library may also offer a collection of audiobooks that you can e-borrow for free, so check out that resource, too! You can learn more about two of my favorite self-development books here. Some of my other favorite Audible listens have included this book about the Zodiac Killer and any John Grisham novel ever (I’m kind of obsessed with learning about law and crime).

If paying for audiobooks isn’t your thing, podcasts are definitely the way to go. They’re typically 30 minutes to two hours long, which is awesome for those of us who like a variety of content. Bonus: they’re totally free and you can set it up so that new episodes auto download to your phone. Here’s a few of my go-to podcasts:

Undisclosed || If you loved Serial, you’ll love this spin off series that includes a little bit more legal discussion. This season, they’re analyzing the case of Joey Watkins, who has been convicted of murder in Rome, GA.

Women, Work, and Worth || If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you know how much I love Mavenly.co. Women, Work, and Worth is a great resource for young women trying to figure out their purpose and live their best life. Kate does a great job of recruiting expert guests to share their knowledge. Fo’ free.

The Dave Ramsey Show || I’ve become just a little bit obsessed with becoming a financial boss this year. I love how real Dave keeps it, and that there’s three hours of new content every weekday, which means I can listen to parts that apply to me and fast forward through ones that don’t (like when he’s advising on how to teach kids about money).

Radiolab Presents: More Perfect || This is a podcast miniseries about the Supreme Court. They do an incredible job talking about high impact Court cases and giving insight into how our nation’s most important part of the Judicial System runs.

The Tim Ferriss Show || I love Tim Ferriss’ podcast simply because it’s created for people like me who love to learn. There’s a wider variety of content than many of the other podcasts I listen to, but I especially love when he tackles health and fitness topics. All-in-all, a great listen for lifelong learners that will inspire you to research a little more in your free time.

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