Let me be your coach!

Whether you’re job searching, preparing for an interview, or trying to set and crush some major life goals, I’d love to help! Let’s work together to get you living the purpose-driven, dynamic life you love.
Below is a sampling of services I offer. If you have something else in mind, please contact me directly and we can create the perfect package for you!

For rates and more information, shoot me an email and let’s have a conversation! I can’t wait to get started!

Coaching Services

Interview Coaching: Whether it’s a job or a pageant, it’s won in the interview room. We’ll work together to help you refine your message, gain confidence, and communicate it like the winner that you are. We’ll also prepare for widely asked questions, discuss tactics for when you don’t know the answer, and sealing the deal.

Goal Coaching: The life you have always imagined is attainable, but only if you’re committed to clarifying and crushing your goals. Whether you need help clarifying your vision, writing out your goals, or crushing them, I’m your girl. Let’s create the perfect goal coaching package for you and get started today!

Consultation Services

Resume Consultation: In order to get the job you want, you’ve got to be able to successfully communicate the jobs you’ve had, the skills you possess, and what makes you a can’t-be-missed hire. We’ll work together to revise and format your resume so that it’s a perfect match for your perfect role, while also teaching you valuable skills you can use in future resume building. This consultation includes two 30 minute Skype sessions and a final, you-approved resume (and as many revisions necessary to get you there).

Cover Letter Consultation: If your cover letter isn’t screaming “hire me,” then it is a waste of your time. I’m a believer in well-written, job-specific cover letters that communicate who you are and why a company needs you. Together, we’ll work through the draft and revision process to create a letter that has you written all over it. Plus, you’ll take away skills that will help you craft perfect cover letters, every time. This consultation includes two 30 minute Skype sessions and a final, you-approved cover letter (and as many revisions necessary to get you there).

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