I am so excited you’ve found Project Three Mile. It’s a simple fitness challenge that’s sure to help you develop a healthy habit while giving you some much needed thinking time. Plus, you might even learn to love running and drop a few pounds along the way.

Project Three Mile is simple: Three miles a day for thirty days straight. Don’t make excuses, don’t skip a day, just devote the next 30 days to developing yourself, three miles at a time.

Why are you doing this? Easy. Because running is the greatest gift I ever gave myself, and I want to help you give it to yourself, too. Seriously, guys, running is the best. The hardest part is getting started, but anyone can be (and should be!) a runner. If you give it a chance, running can (and just might!) change your life.

Why three miles? Because three miles will give you approximately 30 minutes (give or take) of alone time. It’s perfect to clear your head, get your creative juices flowing, and get a decent amount of exercise daily. Plus, three miles is a distance that everyone can achieve: even if you’re “not a runner” and even if you’re super busy. It’s just long enough without being too long for you to make excuses.

Why thirty days? Well, because it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, and we’re throwing on an extra nine in case some of us (like me) need some extra time. Plus, 30 is a nice round number.

Do I have to run the whole thing? No! The important thing is getting your three miles in. You can walk, run, jog, run/walk, skip, crawl, cartwheel. Just make sure you lace up your sneaks and get your daily three in.

What if I feel like running more? Awesome! I’m sure that I’ll want to run/walk more some days, too. If you’re in your grove (or three miles is a piece of cake for you), keep going. Just don’t skip a day.

Awesome, I’m in! Spectacular. I’m so glad you’ll be joining in on this journey with me. You can download a Project Three Mile Calendar here, and mark off your days as you complete them. We’ve got a fancy hashtag you can use: #projectThreeMile (creative, I know). Won’t you join me in posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? And if you blog about it, be sure to share with me!

Let’s do this, Brutus!

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